Color Out is a rock solo project by Dave Hedrick out of Chicago, IL. Color Out writes rock music with catchy hooks and emotional lyrics. Songs range from fast-paced pop punk to acoustic ballads and everything in between. Color Out has something for everyone in their music and that is what makes it so special.  Matheson Kamin from gave the Color Out EP a Five-Star rating and writes,"When listening to the self-titled release from Color Out, one thing becomes apparent - Dave Hedrick is a very strong musician and it shows as every musical part within the songs are played with skill."

 It all started in 2015. At this time, Dave was in a band touring the midwest. While writing material for their next album, it became very clear that the band was headed in a different direction musically and ultimately this led to their break up in early 2015. Soon after, Dave was faced with the decision of quitting music or figuring out a way to release new music on his own. Having invested so much in these songs, the decision was made to start a solo project, thus creating Color Out. Six songs were written for the Color Out EP starting with the hit single, "Mercurial". This high energy track features the lead singer of The Dangerous Summer, Aj Perdomo - a huge influence for Color Out. The EP went on to get steady airplay across the world and "Mercurial" remains one of Color Out's most popular songs.

Fast forward to 2017, Color Out released their follow up EP titled Forget Yesterday. Another six song album taking Color Out's sound in a more upbeat, face-paced direction. Lyrically, the songs matured and drew upon more life experience. The Forget Yesterday EP dives into real emotions faced throughout life and within relationships. The music remains catchy with a heavy pop influence, but the real connection comes from the lyrics. 

 The future is very bright for Color Out. With a rapidly growing fan base and new music in the works, Color Out is an emerging artist to look out for in 2018. 



 "Each track see-saws between brittle and mellow passages and heavier, distorted ones echoing the styles of Weezerand Third Eye Blind. Backing up these solid compositions, is a pristine production value that many may find surprising for an indie release." -

 "Ultimately Hedrick proves his wealth of skills on Color Out, capably synthesizing punk and indie rock sounds with pop polish and emotional heft. It’s an impressive statement from a lone creative mind, and a strong place for the project to have originated." -

"It's quite the journey and it oozes the raw emotion that a lot of artists lack or force. Storytelling is a key element of any track like this and between the contrast in intensity and the vocal delivery throughout, it's certainly something that's comfortably in Color Out's skill-set.  It's really well put together, excellently executed and a testament to the songwriting abilities of David Hedrick. This is a track that traverses a decade of influences and sounds yet still does something original. That's not to say that this is simply an ode to 2000's Rock. Actually, it's a fresh and relevant sound exhibited on "Falling Star" and just another indication that Color Out is only getting better with time." - Reverbroom

"This guy is gooooooooood! .... What a musician! ... What a writer! ... What a voice!" - Way Out Radio

 "Wow the kind of rock that shaped a lot of bands today ... both fast paced and melodic each song has a story which pulls you in, almost hypnotic in nature. Vocally superb, lyrically supersonic and the music is just kick ass awesome. If you didn't have these guys in your collection it would be like a library missing a book.” -